Celebrating Britain in Pittsburgh

British-American Connections Pittsburgh, a non-profit organization, builds on the historically strong personal and organizational ties between Britain and Pittsburgh through relevant programing, personal contact and memorable experiences.


British-American Connections Pittsburgh (BACP) hosts a variety of events throughout the year. These events provide a unique venue for education, entertainment…


British-American Connections Pittsburgh (BACP) celebrates and remembers the many Pittsburgh – UK links (since 1758) and helps build new connections and…


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Success Stories

Vaughn Gilbert

Lord Digby Jones is a great connection for Westinghouse Electric.  Lord Digby, as head of the Confederation of British Industry, was an invaluable and inspirational leader and later, minister of Her Majesties Department of Trade and Industry.  He is also a champion in Britain for all things Pittsburgh!

Vaughn Gilbert - Westinghouse Electric
Peter Longini

This year’s Robert Burns Night turned out to be an education. We had a chance to learn about the Scottish influence on Pittsburgh’s dialect and discuss the fine distinctions between Highlands, Lowlands, and Islay varieties of the Scottish national beverage.  The evening also turned out to be a great way of catching up with old friends and meeting some interesting new ones – all of it over a satisfying meal in a grand historic mansion. The poet would have been pleased.